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Be Prepared
  • Pre-register for class online ahead of time

  • Arrive 15 minutes before class start time

  • Bring all necessary items with you...

       YOGA MAT



       & your Smiling Face

  • Items can be purchased in the boutique before & after class

Be Clean
  • Arrive free from perfume, cologne & essential oils

  • Shower before class to remove the day

  • Shower after class to rinse the sweat

  • Make sure all of your yoga gear is washed & sanitized

  • Be sure to wipe yourself and your mat area of sweat before you leave the room

Be Willing
  • Come prepared to leave the outside where it belongs- outside

  • Be teachable on & off your mat

  • Please leave all electronic devices including cell phones, & smart watches in the lobby, on silent

  • If you enter with an attitude please  come with the intention of replacing it with grace and peace

Be Well
  • Enjoy your final Savasana

       as if your life depended on         it, because basically it does

  • Expect to be changed from the inside out as you enter the world off your mat

  • Plan to come back soon

       and often to receive the               most benefit from your                 practice

All Students Are Required To Use A Yoga Mat During Class
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