A Note From Us

Presenting Mr. Shawn Lane with a $770 check to Cudas Unhooked!

Jason and I would like to say a huge THANK YOU!

Thank you for walking with us through this season of growth and change. Thank you for your grace as we renovated and rebuilt (and for tolerating all the construction and noise!). Thank you for sticking with us as we moved into the new vision of All Yoga. And most of all, thank you for being YOU in our growing family of friends.

Our staff of instructors deserves a shout out too! Together, they have supported us behind the scenes to keep the ship afloat, literally. These wonderful people do more than just teach yoga, they teach grace and compassion, they teach love and they teach life. We have learned so much from this amazing group of friends and we are grateful at how blessed our lives are because of each and every one of them.

Thank you guys, you make our world a better place.

This past Sunday we took the time to celebrate All Yoga and this new season together. Community is a critical part of our vision so not only did we celebrate the re-brand but we wanted to bless an amazing organization called Cudas Unhooked. This particular group helps our at-risk NSB high school seniors graduate from high school.

With your help we raised $770 for Cudas Unhooked!

THANK YOU for participating in the raffle to raise the money for this amazing cause!!

Another beautiful part of this event was seeing the local New Smynra Beach businesses and restaurants come together and contribute to the cause. We want to extend our deepest thanks to the following businesses for providing the delicious food for the event,

Wake Up Cafe

Mon Delice French Bakery

Mason Bar

Cafe Verde

Clancy's Cantina

In addition to the businesses that fed us, we would like to give recognition to the locals that contributed to the raffle. These NSB businesses offered their time, talent, goods and services and together they helped us raise the money for Cudas Unhooked. The impact this will make on the lives of the students is immeasurable, thank you.


Sunglasses Cabana

Peak Performance Wellness

Island Roasters

Boarderline Salon

Casey's Bar

Nova Lash by Rachail Renick

Riverview Hotel

Nature in Beauty

The Med Spa

Heath's Natural Foods

We highly recommend each one of these local business as a place you should purchase from. Use the clickable links provided above for more details.

It is with deep gratitude that we say Thank You for walking with us into this new season.

All People, All Community, All Together, All Yoga.

Many Blessings,

Amanda and Jason Williams


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