Please arrive ten to fifteen minutes prior to the beginning of class to sign in, get comfortable in the studio, and get settled on your mat with props and water. If you do not have a mat, no problem! We have mats and towels to rent (or purchase ... because, let's face it, you'll be back), and cubbies to keep your belongings safe.

Shoes and phones are NOT allowed in the yoga room. I repeat, PLEASE leave your phones and shoes in the lobby. Remember to either silence or turn off your electronic devices. There is nothing more disruptive to a sweet savanna than a family member stalker-calling your cell ... however, your enthusiasm, smile, and willingness to sweat are more than welcome!


When you’re at All Yoga, be prepared to drop into your body and with those around you... and to sweat. Please be aware of the cleanliness of your mat, towels, and yoga clothes and your own body. We all know the toll a gallon of sweat and post-work Warrior-Two feet can take on our mats and towels. We also know that strong fragrance can be off-putting to some. Please keep strong fragrances  of any kind to a minimum for an optimal experience; for you and your mat neighbor. Indoor and outdoor showers are available and we encourage you to wash the day away before class and the sweat after class.

In yoga, sweat happens. We encourage it and we expect it. In fact, we take cleanliness so seriously that we disinfect our studio after each class. What we are not so fond of are shoes and dirty feet in the yoga room. Our shoes and bare feet trek through all kinds of mess and bacteria on a daily basis. No need to bring that into the yoga room. Actually, that's why you're here. To get away from the hot mess that life can so often be ... why bring that into the yoga studio?


And finally, lastly on this page and in class coincidentally, savasana. Please stay for this pose. It's basically the answer to all life's problems. It helps decrease stress levels and relaxes the body. If you cannot stay for the entirety of class, please let the instructor know beforehand so they can help you leave quietly.

Easy, right!? We thought so. We dig you. And we're so glad you're here. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions at all, reach out.